5 Benefits of Telepresence in Healthcare

Telepresence is the use of audio and video enhanced technology tools for communication between individuals at different locations.

Telepresence has helped transition into these, Telehealth and Telemedicine.

Telehealth is the modern socialization of medicine using electronic gadgets that aid audio and video conferencing for clinical services, health research, training and education to connect people at a distance.

Telemedicine is a branch of Telehealth consisting of technology to deliver solely clinical services such as patient to doctor and patient to nurse video conferencing for purpose of improving health outcome of sick patients.

Source: Glencoe Regional Health


  1. Telepresence Robot to Transform Elder-Care                                          

Robots play a vital role in elder patient care; these robots show motion movements and possess ability for visual display through sensors and display units that gather information and enhance communication between the healthcare personnel and his patient. Telepresence Robots can facilitate long-term health monitoring of the elderly in private homes.

2. Post Discharge

Telehealth has tremendously helped in analytics, patient monitoring, integration services and private healthcare after patients are discharged from hospitals. This also keeps sick people out of waiting rooms.

3. Remote access to Specialists

Medical specialists can communicate and administer drug prescriptions to patients through telepresence modes of communication. Doctors also administer treatment to remote patients through telepresence with the presence of a nurse at the patient’s location. Medical professionals can expand their network of services through telepresence to far unreached locations with patients in need of quality medical care.

Source: Access Physicians

4. Convenience  and Time saving

The doctors can talk to several patients at distant location from the comfort of his office, likewise the patient can receive medical advice and consultation from his home. Patient feel relaxed and strengthened during video conferencing with his doctor thereby establishing a strong relationship between them.

Patient saves waiting time for doctor’s visit and drug prescription consultation.

5. Cost Effective

Telemedicine is highly cost effective for the patient, doctor and hospital facility. A patient either pays a monthly membership fee plus a per consultation fee OR pay normal copay amount. Transportation cost of medical specialist and patient for medical treatment or visit is reduced to maximum. Telepresence cost effective use has enabled bringing more care to more patients by reducing cost.

Telepresence is a widely accepted health technology proven to be effective in the above listed criteria’s.  An estimated growth in telepresence outpatient visits is estimated to be about 70 percent by 2025.

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