Top 20 Interesting Mobile App Ideas For Startups in 2021

New technologies and business revolve around data to make better business decisions or improve outcomes. Mobile applications have proved its existence in improving human and business outcomes as a major factor such as mobility.

The development of mobile applications remains extremely demanding among startup businesses due to ever-increasing demand.

Here are interesting mobile app ideas for startups:

1. Nutrition and Meal-Preparation Applications

A user may enter the goal (lose, maintain, gain) and get a full specter of assistance: from calorie guidance to personal eating plans. They must be rich with recipes and have a blog to increase the user’s awareness of healthy living aspects.

2. Sell and Buy Applications

Among the new app ideas in the 21st century is a sell-and-buy platform that allows people to get rid of unnecessary things and find needed items at smart costs. Startups can make money on this application by incorporating ads, providing delivery services, and using premium accounts to discover more items for sale.

3. Music Streaming Applications

Our best ideas for mobile apps list will be incomplete without mentioning music streaming apps. Almost all music-streaming platforms are paid-based due to intellectual rights protection policies. Music streaming apps make money from different membership options that allow users to discover more songs and share their accounts with family members and friends.

4. Translation Apps

While traveling for work, school, or pleasure, students and travelers occasionally use a translation application. One challenge for platforms is allowing offline use. Moreover, it is crucial to incorporate dictation and photo-to-text features, as many users find it confusing to type the correct spelling.

5. Wine Guide

The winery industry is developing and growing. Thus it is sometimes challenging to find a wine of preference among immense options. The wine guide application allows a user to scan the bottle label and get a full description of the product: year of production, country of origin, types of grapes used to make the wine, and feedback from other people who tried it.

6. Fleet Management Application

This new mobile app idea for 2020 targets businesses that own a significant number of vehicles. For large companies, it is a matter of saving costs to track and store the data regarding fleet, drivers, and logistics in one place. By making a trucking fleet management app, you considerably facilitate the business by helping them organize timely delivery, reduce costs, and ensure data synchronization.

7. Precise Agriculture

Technologies have invaded and now facilitate every sphere of human occupations, and the agriculture industry is not an exception. These days, with such software, farmers can plan their seeding season, apply the fertilizers smartly, and eliminate pest outbreaks on their fields remotely. By farming this way, they save their time for manual work and considerably cut costs on fieldwork.

8. Period Tracker

This application, exclusively designed for women, allows them to control their menstrual cycle, make notes regarding mood changes, and keep a record of any other hormone-related changes during periods.

9. Book Review App

In the list of trending app ideas in 2021, Book review app is favorite of every book lover. Before putting your finger on any book, its better to go for the review and find if it interests you, you can go for the book.

So, crafting an app for book lovers proves to be a great idea to curate your niche in the hierarchy.

10. Mental Health Apps for Employees

The idea of well-being of your employees plays an essential role in an organization’s success. So, developing an app that encourages users to record their mood and attribute triggers for those feelings helps in improving the mental health of the employees.

11. Virtual Classroom App

The virtual classrooms app allows students and teachers from anywhere and anytime to conduct a class and create the learning ambience. You just must share the link and allow the student to join the class without any tedious workout.

Undeniably, this is a worth the value investment idea now and for the coming time.

12. Audio Books App

Experts say reading 1 book a week is a way to wisdom. But, in the hustle-bustle of a job, this is difficult to accomplish. Still, there is a useful and practical solution to create an audiobook app which consists of the audio version of the book.

If you are eager to execute this mobile app idea, the expert’s team are ready to help you assist the right way.

13. Pregnancy to Birth App

Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey of womanhood. But it comes along with some doubts and physical changes.

So, to stay updated with the real-time health concerns and to take special care of your yet to be born, a health app for pregnancy to birth fits accurately to the needs. Mother gets correct information about what to expect in the present situation and upcoming weeks and be ready for the changes.

14. Fraud Detection App

With the rising number of frauds and scam, people are losing their trust in technologies. So, to help people bringing out a fraud detection app is the right move. This app alerts when you get any call from a fraud agency, making it a lot easier to detect the fraudulent activity in real-time.

15. On-demand Grocery Deliver App

On-demand grocery delivery app offers an unparalleled level of convenience for everyone. And, amid this COVID outbreak, on-demand delivery services are everyone’s favorite same like food app ideas are for the early entrants.

16. Cost Comparison App

Saving your time from the hassle of comparing cost at different websites is a boon in today’s time.

So, what about making this work easy?

Among the trending app ideas for 2021, building a cost comparison app is the need of the hour along with earning the trust of your audience.

17. Kiddies Carry Forward App

When your kid’s favorite thing turns boring for them, instead of throwing it, carryforward it to the one in need. Developing such type of app helps the giver and the one in need to meet at the same platform without any hassle.

18. Blockchain Rooted Apps

Nowadays, Blockchain-based apps are exploding in popularity, especially when Blockchain-powered cryptocurrencies are dominating the financial space with all sorts of transactions and payments.

Undeniably, this is the most promising app idea in the financial sector with heaps of benefits and profit.

19. Travel Buddy Apps

Travelling is everyone wish list. But nobody prefers to travel alone. It’s always better to have an accompanist with whom you can enjoy every tit and bit of your journey. And, to make the process of finding the right travel partner easy, travel buddy app concept is an ideal fit.

20. Music/Soundtrack Recognition Tool

Except for Shazam, leading song-recognition platforms are scarce. A practical idea would be creating an application that allows users to create an in-app library and move songs to the music-streaming app on the iPhone.

Conclusively, amongst variety of functional and useful mobile applications in the market, there are quite great app ideas to start or improve a business. Customers are seeking more innovative features to already existing types of platforms and always welcome new apps. The development of apps has helped business grow exponentially. What are you waiting for? Do your research on apps that will be useful to your ongoing or new business.

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