The World in 2050: Future Technologies


Year 2020 is about to end but so many technological advancements occurred this year.

Self-driving electric cars and so many out there. In a future with changing capabilities and innovations, join me to know the predominant technologies by 2050.

What will technology envisage in year 2050? Interestingly we can say

  1. Space Travel – The goal of the world is to get to Mars. We’ve been to the moon many times but no major plans to live there. Mars look like the next big deal. Elon Musk Space Company SpaceX and Jeff Bezos company Origin are working tirelessly to get us to Mars. With each step in the space, human presence keeps growing out there. 2030 is a projection for better involvement of humans in space.

Also, supersonic airplanes will be very significant as it relates to speed in air. Elon Musk Starship can travel from New York to London in 29minutes.

2. Drones –  Drones will perform much more as an integral part of our daily life- delivery, aerial survey, air strike, fire service aid for quenching fire in high rise buildings.

3. Virtual Reality – Future learning will be a lot more interactive as virtual learning can be used to send all students to a space station and make them see things look real as though they are at that location.

Virtual reality concept.

4. Transportation Revolution – In 2014, Over 320,000 electric vehicles were registered around the world, in 2019 an increase to 2.3million vehicles. By 2025 EV sales is projected to surpass 10million. By 2025, the majority of automobiles will be electric resulting to decreasing need for gas stations but instead charging stations. Driverless cars will be the norm like Tesla driverless cars.

Trains will be more efficient and reliable. The new improved smart and faster trains like the magnetic train of japan, Virgin hyperloop trains and so on through magnetic electric propulsion. Already the first hyperloop vehicle have been tested and proven. This improvement goes with cargo trains too. By 2050 this will be a major mode of transportation all over the world due to its speed for long distance travels.

Airbus – Currently Elon Musk said cars must go through 3D or Tunnels, but he said preferably tunnels. At the moment Elon Musk Boring Company is building experimental tunnels under cities. If Musk can significantly cut down traffic with this initiative, in 2050 cities will have a lot of tunnels underneath them.

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5. AI – Artificial Intelligence will be a norm and will be included in all devices and any environment we find ourself. Google deep mind, most AI machines will become human intelligent that will think and act like human instead of doing mundane repetitive tasks. Robots will see a maximum increase in Ai enhancement by 2050. Also, an increase in universal translators will decrease language barriers.

Now let’s dive into another aspect that will improve human existence in a powerful way.

6. Prosthetics – Prosthetics are really Sci-fi to most people, very limited and expensive. But with technology we can make Prosthetics compatible to work with human brain and body. Cyborgs are no longer far from existence in our world. With advanced prosthetics life becomes easier for its users. These prosthetics are mostly made of plastics. If you play video games you should know TJ Kombo from Killer Instinct or Jax in Mortal Kombat, prosthetics could be worn as exo-skeletons when needed apart from its use by those who lost their limbs or inability to do things with their hands or legs.

7. Nanotechnology – can act as superpowers for humans if attached on many things like the clothes we wear. Nanotech can be embodied with technologies to help improve your strength, durability and more. A shirt that can absorb impacts and you’ll be left with no injury. When used in textiles, nanoparticles of silica can help to create fabrics that repel water and other liquids. Silica can be added to fabrics either by being incorporated into the fabric’s weave or sprayed onto the surface of the fabric to create a waterproof or stainproof coating. So, if you’ve ever noticed how liquid forms little beads on waterproof clothing – beads that simply roll off the fabric rather than being absorbed – that’s thanks to nanotechnology.

Also, Nanoparticles have been added to sunscreens for years to make them more effective. Two particular types of nanoparticles commonly added to sunscreen are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These tiny particles are not only highly effective at blocking UV radiation, they also feel lighter on the skin, which is why modern sunscreens are nowhere near as thick and gloopy as the sunscreens we were slathered in as kids.

Another surprising point will be

8. You may not need a phone

Though smart phones are becoming smarter day by day, but in the future, you will have access to your phone and more by something else like Hologram.  Instead of typing on your phone, you will use holographic screen to perform actions like scanning, making calls, texting and all you could think of.

9. Renewable Energy – A transformational change in renewable energy is inevitable. An increase in Solar and Wind mill energy will widely be in use by 2050 as they are cheaper than natural gas. But there’s a challenge in energy storage. As a result of this researchers are developing new methods to store large amounts of energy. Some examples are storage energy as heat and materials, compressing air or turning air into electric. These improvements will largely be implemented in the future by 2050 as they will generate half of world’s energy. This will in turn introduce fusion power by enabling creation of fusion power plants.

Thanks for watching. What impact do you think these will have in the future by 2050? Let me know in the comment section below.

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