10 Best Image Recognition Apps for iOS and Android

Image recognition applications are mobile friendly and help in identification of objects. As a result of advancement in artificial intelligence we have witnessed improvement in computer vision, facial recognition and categorization of objects based on machine learning algorithms.

Source: Datacatchup.com

Google Lens

Google lens is a wonderful exploratory tool with a smartphone camera for recognizing monuments, locations, products, décor, text search, animals, translates languages by simply pointing camera to the text word and hold button for few seconds to trigger camera and navigate to choice language.

You can take a picture of a contact card to save address, phone number and contact name and URL link of a website. You do not need to manually type on your mobile device.

AIPoly Vision

An app for visually impaired and color blind people to assist them recognize objects or colors by pointing their smartphone camera.

Screen Shop

This a loved app by fashion shoppers who accidentally bump into an item they love and will like to purchase those items. Screen shop app identifies items after the fashion lover takes a picture, video or screen shot of the item and the app will display relevant products available in online stores.

Source: Datacatchup

TapTap See

Wonderful object recognition app for people with low vision and total blindness to help them identify objects by the use of their smartphone camera lens by voicing out the object identified.

To enable this application on iOS you need to enable your “voiceover” and on android smartphones, you have to enable your “talk back”.

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Cam Find

Cam Find offers mobile visual search by taking a picture of the object which in turn is recognized by the app and tell you what it is by displaying results such as images, videos and local shopping offers. Cam find can be tagged as an image recognition search engine app.

Source: Datacatchup

Flow Powered by Amazon

This image recognition app allows scanning of business cards to add new phone contacts. Flow powered by amazon also identifies products such as DVDs, CDs, video games, book covers and packaged house goods.

Google Reverse Image

This app is very handy by helping its user search for similar images uploaded by user. These user search quests may vary due to need for image size, higher image quality and so on.

Leaf Snap

A natural specie visual recognition app developed by Columbia University, Smithsonian Institution and University of Maryland researchers to help identify tree species from photographers of their leaves with high resolution images. 

Source: Datacatchup

Calorie Mama

Calorie counting app uses photo recognition technology to help users track nutrition through images of their food by scanning content and computing the total number of calories from a single photo.


Vivino is an image recognition app for wine labels to get detailed information about any wine by taking a picture of wine label. This app also provides instant detailed information about any wine including community ratings and reviews.

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